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Forensic Science Degree Online

Julia Said:

What schools offer an online Associates Degree in Forensic Science?

We Answered:

I am currently a student at Kaplan University, and I just inquired they do offer an online degree in Forensics, if interested contact them at this email address and let them know I sent you.

Olga Said:

I want to Enroll in an online Degree Program for a Bachelors in Forensic Science?

We Answered:

As I know, this site has top listing of such college courses online -

Vanessa Said:

Forensic Science Online? Help please!?

We Answered:

yo, i'm 15 and iwant to be a forensic scientist too!
I love CSI. :)

Ethel Said:

Can you get a degree by taking some online classes?

We Answered:

Yes it is possible to get college and university degrees while in the military. It is up to you and how dedicated you are to getting them. The current programs for paying for education are very good. Currently with Tuition Assistance the tuition is paid 100% by the military. There are limits on the number credits per year you can take. There is also G.I. Bill top up, this covers all other expenses that tuition assistance doesn't cover, books and supplies, or charges above what TA is allowed to pay. I retired from the Navy with an associates degree and a bachelors degree, both earned while active duty.

Matthew Said:

Forensic science or criminal investigation online degree?

We Answered:

Kevin to the rescue! lol

Well there are many online colleges offering online degrees in forensic science. Whichever college you choose, make sure it accredited. Do not make the mistake of attending a college that is not accredited. You will be wasting your money and time and also lower chances of getting employed.
As you may already know that online college gives you a lot of freedom. You choose the timings. Many students take this for granted. Remember, not submitting assignments on time will prolong the time period with in which you should get your degree.
Whichever college you choose, make sure you do some research on it. Ask the current students of that college for their opinion. Do a background research on the faculty also. A good faculty ensure a quality degree.
Here are a few colleges that you should check out……

Did you say you were giving me ten points?

George Said:

How much would online classes cost for a 4 year Bachelors Degree in forensic science at AIU cost?

We Answered:

Any degree at AIU is costly, because this for-profit school is worthless. It almost lost its accreditation a few years ago, and has been heavily criticized.

Jessica Said:

What online schools are the best for a Forensic Science Degree?

We Answered:

You can easily compare info about these schools in this site -

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