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Healthcare Careers Information

Seth Said:

healthcare information technology?

We Answered:

Evaluating a career is one of the most crucial choices you can make in life. My son needed guidance with his career choices over the past few weeks, so he went to the site in the box below, which has some sensible tips and tricks on career decision-making. It certainly happened for him because he now knows exactly what he wants, and more importantly what he is required to do to get there!

Audrey Said:

Does anybody have a degree in Healthcare Information Management?

We Answered:

I don't work in the field, but I know a little about it.

This is one area that should make you employable in any part of the country. There are lots of regulations (HIPPA) that you have to follow that normal IM professionals don't have to worry with. Likewise, I would say the stress level is higher since people potentially die if the information system goes down.

Mike Honeycutt

Arnold Said:

Healthcare career information....please help!?

We Answered:

I have been in the health information technology field for 10 years now. I completed an online course for medical transcription and completely enjoy this line of work. What online classes are you working on and what online college are you studying through? Many online colleges/courses do not provide the extensive knowledge that is necessary within this field, especially with no prior medical experience.

Medical transcription is much more difficult than most may think; it is not just typing/editing medical records. Let's say you work at home through a company that has several acute care/hospital accounts. An acute care account consists of numerous specialties (cardiology, neurology, pulmonary, etc) - every specialty contains 15+ physicians/surgeons/nurses. Your job is to carefully listen to their recording that explains admissions, operations/procedures, discharges, and everything in between. Each and every physician has their own style, accent, pronunciation, etc. This takes a great amount of time to get used to and work production/correctness is slowed dramatically. That is why it is necessary to take a course that offers numerous practice case studies and covers more than just general medical terminology. Unfortunately, most online medical transcription companies require at least 2 years experience before they will hire you. I recommend going through a college that offers job placement. You may research either Career Step School of Medical Transcription or Andrew's School of Medical Transcription, both of which I have found to be 2 of the best online courses for this line of work.

I am currently pursuing inpatient/outpatient medical billing and coding through the Career Step online program to gain further experience in the HIT field. I have found that this course is very thorough in regards to medical terminology, physiology, pharmacology, great explanation of the ICD-9-CM code book and numerous practice case studies. If you are interested in this particular field, please research through the AHIMA website; this is the association through which you will need to get certified. You will see that there are several requirements before you are eligible to receive certified credentials. Most places of employment require these credentials before they will even consider hiring you.

Here are a few websites that I have found to be tremendously helpful throughout my career: - access to forums, chat, schools, jobs within MT and coding - access to resume posting, online MT companies, jobs

Denise Said:

Information on Coast Guard Careers that are available and I could qualify for?

We Answered:

I've been in for 18 years, and I have to say that oh snap (who hasn't even left for boot camp yet) actually gave you a great answer. She was exactly right that the job in action is much different than what you read on paper. I can still remember being 17 and looking at the book the recruiter gave me with all the different "rates" in them. I had no idea what I wanted to do. Some of the ones that sounded really cool in the book turned out to be not so cool when I saw them in real life. After getting out of boot camp and going to a ship and seeing the actual jobs being performed, it really opened my eyes. Much much different than what I imagined the job to be after reading 1 paragraph about it. Finish boot camp, go to your first unit, and then decide what looks good to you. There's no rush. I ended up picking a rate that I would have never considered after just reading the little info book.

Christy Said:

How do I get a job in Health Information Management?

We Answered:

Just off the cuff, I'm thinking that without formal training in HIM, perhaps a medical records (health information) clerk position. (Please note that most medical records clerk jobs include high volume filing and can be pretty physical in nature.) Even a medical coding job requires graduation from an accredited program and a couple years experience doing coding tasks as well as certification(s) in the field and then one may possibly get employed as a coder. The medical billing jobs are pretty sparse as well despite what those private $$ schools proclaim.

For more info on HIM:

For general career info: and can search 'medical records and health information technicians', 'medical and health services managers' or such.

If deciding to go for HIM, please forgo those private expensive schools and only consider schools and program that are accredited within the industry.

Carole Said:

Careers working with field?

We Answered:

The MSW in the health care field is probably one of the better degrees. There is a great deal of information available on the NASW website that would be worth checking out. A MS degree in Nursing or becoming a Nurse practitioner is also a good bet but will take some time (you probably would need more pre-requisits - same or Physician assistant and MD). Public health is another option, though is usually less hands on work. Counseling and health care do not often work together (more in behavioral health care). Psychology does, but you will need a PhD. DA

Roy Said:

Which one of these healthcare careers pay the most?

We Answered:

While each of these will take 12 to 18 months to take a course, they all have their own issues to be evaluated in your local area.

The highest paying of these is the medical coder (not to include billing) which usually start at a national average of around $13 per hour. Though their are some advanced coding specialist who make significantly more.

Medical assistants start nationally around $10 per hour, though in some areas they are started at close to minimum wage. In some major cities, where there are several medical assistant programs, there are more MA graduates than there are available jobs in the area. In my region, there are approximately 700 more students graduating per year than advertised jobs.

Medical Billers make a starting average nationally of around $8.70 per hour.

Health Information Technicians are currently starting nationally at minimum wage.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not list the position, and no medical office I know of has a use for a person called a medical office specialist. Having been in health care for over 30 years, and managed offices of my own, as well as working with hospitals and other health care facilities, I have never hired anyone under that title, so I cannot provide guidance on that job.

Before you consider which of these is the best, look into what the market where you intend to work is lacking. While statistically, the nation may need more of a particular job, your market may be saturated.

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