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Online Mba Degree

Ricardo Said:

Is it possible to get MBA degree online? How much does it cost?Is it a real degree?Will it help to find a job?

We Answered:

yes, it is possible to get an MBA online. there are many programs available and they vary considerably regarding cost and quality. you can get financial aid the same as at a regular school. however any program that will do you any good, will require considerable time and effort on your part to learn the material, because there are lots of people with MBA degrees in the workforce.

Brandy Said:

What exactly is an ONLINE MBA degree ?

We Answered:

Let me break it down for you.

Q What is an Online MBA degree?
A Degree which doesnt necessarily need your physical presence. It is best suited for working professionals who do not have the time to visit a institute

Q How do you learn in it
A Various modes depending on the institute. Some offer phone and chat support as well. Some you may need to visit the institute once in a while. Most through video conferencing and chat.

Q Is it like purchasing cd's
A Not really. If you purchase a cd, you dont necessarily get a accredited degree

Donna Said:

Need to know any good reputed online school that offers Executive MBA degree?

We Answered:

Finding an accredited online degree program can be a task these days. There are so many for profit online based colleges that don't focus on education, and how importance it is to give there students the same level taught degree as major universities. Start by looking at the distance education that your own state university has. If they do not offer the classes you want, then look at others. Most of the time, state universities will be less expensive than any for-profit online program that you might see offered on the internet.

Sam Said:

Which college is best for online Masters degree MBA or International Business or Marketing?

We Answered:

There is no answer for your question. The best program is the one that suits you best. The Official MBA Guide is designed to help you find it. You can search for distance learning programs and then specify criteria that are important to you, to find the one that is most suitable.

Hilda Said:

give me the list of those universities who are giving an MBA degree in an year, only in India or online anywhe

We Answered:

May be this site can help you

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You can easily get an MBA degree any of the universities in India. Provided you have to bribe the authorities prior to the examinations. However, the regular universities do not entertain the delivery of free MBA degree certificates. Of course, you get many online universities, which will provide you with MBA degree.

rush my essays said:

Some times having MBA degree with your professional degree becomes plus point in your career. I saw many engineers and IT specialists with MBA degree and they are much more successful in their career. Now a days, evening classes of MBA are more popular for professionals and its a fact it makes difference. If you have problem to do assignments due to short time, rush my essays helps you and take you out of it. Thank for sharing.

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