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School Loan Debt

Jeanne Said:

I have a student loan/school debt that is around $34,000 and im joining the navy.?

We Answered:

as long as your loans aren't in default (meaning you have been missing payments on them for a significant period of time) then i shouldn't think joining the military should be a problem for you.

you will probably need to make payments on your loans while you are in service. ask a recruiter if they have an loan forgiveness programs for those enlisted. I haven't heard of any assistance other than ROTC (military pays for tuition of students in school w agreement they serve for X amount of years after graduation) but its worth a try to ask a recruiter.

Beatrice Said:

Husband has outstanding school loan debt, IRS withheld refund last year, how can I avoid this happening again?

We Answered:

As a general rule you and your husband would still want to file jointly because that would be the most beneficial. You have the option of filing "Injured Spouse" and claiming the amount of the refund that was attributed to you. Check out the injured spouse section of Publication 17 or go to the irs website at and type in keywords "injured spouse" for forms and instructions.

Tracy Said:

school loan debt high?

We Answered:

I am in my fourth year and have about the same. Do you not have any grants or scholarships? That's something I'd definitely look into. Maybe you should try applying for some scholarships? I also attend a public university, that could be why I have much less loans...

Nevertheless, I wouldn't worry too much. If you are in the States, there are several deferment and payment options upon graduation. I know graduates who pay anywhere from $50-$200 a month...mind you the less you'll pay the long you'll be paying.

I just always think obviously I'm in school to get a decent job upon graduation, the longer I stay in and the higher my loans, the better of a job I will have and be able to pay those loans back...

Julia Said:

School loan debt tripled after consolidating?

We Answered: - it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

Erika Said:

I am in all kind of debt i have school loan debt,IRS debt,and credit cards that are in colactions for years?

We Answered:

Credit cards - How many years they may be past the Statute of Limitations for collections

IRS - work with a tax professional even a competent H&R Block preparer, and file what is known as Offer in Compromise. Look that up on

School Loans rarely go away period depending on who holds the notes.

Oh and why the hell anyone would get a book on the topic of BK is a mystery to me when the internet is crammed full of BK info!

Leo Said:

Should I pay off my current student loan debt before going to grad school?

We Answered:

debt is slavery even for 'grad' degree.
get a job in ur field , experience what u want to be. pay off the loans, save money .
surprise u may not like the field of endeavor.
when and if u go to 'grad' school u'll be sure that is where u want to go.
visit to learn about ur money / debt.
30% of 'grads' file bankruptcy in 5yrs - will u ?
smart business will put more creed to an experienced undebted candidate than to other.

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