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Teacher Certification Online Program

Antonio Said:

Is it possible to get a teacher certification online while still obtaining your BA?

We Answered:

Look into Western Governor's University. Talk to one of their admission counselors (who aren't pushy at all!!!), and I think you'll find this is do-able. Good luck to you!

The person below made a good point--many on-line schools are not accredited. Fortunately, WGU is! But no matter what on-line school you look into, make sure to look into that!

Beatrice Said:

Is there an online program for teacher certification?

We Answered:

Yes, in some states. It depends on where you are. Just avoid "University" of Phoenix; it blows.

Richard Said:

Online programs for teacher certification?

We Answered:

I know you're looking for regular universities that offer online programs, but you might want to consider Western Governors University. It's an entirely online program, but it's the largest supplier of urban math and science teachers in the United States. I'm currently a student at WGU, and I love it. I'm working on my MAT - Math (5-9), and I know several people who are pursuing certifications in elementary education.

WGU was recently featured in Time magazine. The school is actually highly respected and doesn't have the stigma associated with the University of Phoenix. Directly from their website: "The WGU Teachers College is the first and only exclusively online provider of teacher education to receive accreditation from the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE)." Because WGU is a non-profit university (unlike University of Phoenix), tuition is only a little less than $3,000 per six month term.

Margie Said:

Are there any online teacher certification programs??? I need to get certified ASAP. Please help?

We Answered:

Wow I am sounding like a broken record tonight.…

For the record: I do not work for WGU in anyway, I am only an alumni.

Joseph Said:

Am completing a Masters of education / teacher certification program in Philly, PA but live in NJ. What to do?

We Answered:


I extracted the information below from the New Jersey Dept. of Education's Licensure and Credentials Web Site. It appears to answer most of your questions. You can get more detail by going to it at:…


Certification Reciprocity



Out-of-state teachers who have one year’s teaching experience in good standing under their states’ final or initial - level certificate and have completed a state - approved teacher preparation program that included student teaching(equivalent to our standard or CEAS certificate) can receive our standard certificate upon providing application, oath of allegiance / criminal history form, transcript(s), GPA, fee, letter(s) of job experience, and proof of passing the Praxis test at New Jersey’s current passing score. [ N.J.A.C. 6A:9-8.8(c) ].

Eugene Said:

Can I get my teacher certification online?

We Answered:

I am sure you could take most of your classes on line. Any major college, or community college if you are just starting, offers classes on line. But no, you would not be able to COMPLETE your degree on line. You have to consider your student teaching time, the PRAXIS and that sort of thing.

Emily Said:

has anyone went to Ashford University for there BA/Teacher Certification Program? ?

We Answered:

I personally have not been to Ashford University, but can confidently say that their online programs are as educational and interactive as campus-based learning. You can go through a review of Ashford University along with several other online institutions that offer your desired degree at and then decide where you want to study.
Hope it helps :)

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Teacher certification course is about few months and there you will get the training for becoming a perfect teacher. In fact you can specialize in the particular subject and teach accordingly. You need to be a graduation holder to join for the course.

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