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Anthropology Distance Learning

Barbara Said:

Can I study anthropology and archaeology by distance learning in New Zealand?

We Answered:

You could learn the basics, but to really study these subjects you need to take classes and do field work through an accredited university.

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hivizag said:


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Inquiry in sociocultural anthropology is guided in region by cultural relativism, the offer to discern alternative societies in intervals of their confess cultural symbols moreover values. Accepting further learnings in their acknowledge tenures mediums reductionism in cross-cultural comparison.

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Anthropology Distance Learning from online. there is a ful course to anthropology is the study of how man gives meaning to the world through different social norms, values, practices and means of organisation. As such, the role of the social anthropologist is to explore and understand other cultures and societies

go here said:

Many of us may become confused or frustrated thinking on what could be next. It is you, yourself, who decides the career. Anthropology learning has been getting wider appreciation worldwide. You get to learn about traditions and cultures of our ancestors.

amazon said:

Yeah mate, you could learn about basics, but it would be better if go to academic college, as it have more and more for you to learn by college. Thanks

Robert Proud said:

Why would you want to do the studies without the practical. I guess you can do the theory, but not the practical, so half of it can be completed via distance learning.

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