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Project Management Example

Mike Said:

The difference between project management and operations management? give example?

We Answered:

Project management is the management of a single project which has a set beginning, a number of tasks and a set end point.

Program Management is the management of a series of projects which may or may not run concurrently.

Operations Managament is the ongoing management of daily works such a technical support, network management etc and has no set end point.

For example, an interne tcompany may have many projects running to deliver new products to market and once a product is implemented then the project is finished whereas their operations management teams are occupied with the day to day support and management of the network, keeping it running, fixing problems etc etc.

email me if you want more examples.

Rodney Said:

Project Management as an Executive Assistant?

We Answered:

Executive assistant of what?

I can imagine organizing social events, seminars. congresses, sales meetings/presentations, marketing campaigns, office moves, new employee introductions

Shirley Said:

I need an example of an actual project definition report?

We Answered:

Depending on exactly what you're looking for, you might find that the term "project charter" yields better results.

Kathryn Said:

In project management why is the life cycle curve "S" shaped? I need an example from recent years...

We Answered:

The project management effort is higher in the early stages because of the planning. When a project starts, there are decisions to be made about resources, schedules, deliverables, risk assessments etc. so the workload is high. Once the project starts, it is less intensive during the initial stages but ramps up as the project moves towards delivery or launch.
In summary the workload is high during initial planning, drops as the work starts, and increases at the end.
Neville Turbit

Erik Said:

Good websites/current media that give examples of project management?

We Answered:

See links.

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