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Short Courses Project Management

Velma Said:

Help me out in chosing a right 'Business analysis' certification which offers 100% placement ?

We Answered:

There is no course in the world that can guarantee you 100% placement. It is up to your own initiative.

I work as a consultant as well and I have never been asked what is your certification yet. All employers want to know is whether you have the knowledge and experience to do what they need done.

John Said:

Friend wants to me to present her resume at work but I know she is lying about her experience!?

We Answered:

Option B)

Say you sent it but there were no response.

(If she does asks to see the letter, better to have to one ready, but if she wants to see the mail you forwarded, just say you deleted the copy in the indox)

Why nots for A and C

A) This isn't a position like Attorney so there are no geographical boundries

C) You tell her the truth, well result in she talking behind your back.

This is kind of response to be expected from someone that lies and asks someone to lie for her.
If she knows your friends, she probably will twists the facts to make you sound bad.

I don't see the need to put urself in that kind of situation.

On a final note, of course under no circumstances should you do what she asks, as it will damage your Company's Brand image and credibility.

Secondly, stay away from that friend of yours. She is a liability and won't do any good for you.

Might as well block her on msn.

Roland Said:

Could any English native speaker check this out?

We Answered:

Hi, really good covering letter there, for someone who's not a native speaker I think it's excellent. I've put my corrections in caps just to make it easier to see.

" taking part to the Project"
taking part IN the project

"All these trainings"
You would usually use the word training without an S on the end, so it would be something like "All THIS TRAINING."

"For the above raisons"
Misspelling, it's REASONS.

" more than doing this courses"
It would either be THESE CORUSES or THIS COURSE.

Other than that, the British spelling of 'realize' is 'realise,' though that's not hugely important. Also, watch your use of commas. You are putting a lot of commas in where they don't need to be, just write it how you would say it out loud. If you were reading it you wouldn't pause in all the places you put commas.

Minor things really, a great letter and I hope you get onto the course!

Charlene Said:

Early 30s prospective career-changer - best route to paid work in journalism?

We Answered:

Honestly, an academic degree is not a requirement for journalism. It can be helpful, yes, but from most of the professionals I've spoke with, greater emphasis is placed on your experience, curiosity and writing ability.

To that end, before you start applying for jobs, you may want to consider doing some freelance journalism of the sort you're interested in. You're generally not going to need layout or copy editing skills unless you want to be a copy/layout editor rather than a reporter, but they'll still come in handy. You'll definitely want to familiarize yourself with AP Style, at any rate. In today's market, it's important to have some new media experience - blogs, video, etc. You also might consider trying to get an internship somewhere.

Basically, whether you want to go the master's route is up to you. It can be interesting, and a good jump-start, especially if you attend a school that's well-connected in the industry, but it's by no means a necessity.

By the way - I'm not sure what you meant by "balanc[ing] freelance communications work with proper journalistic writing," but if you're working for a paper or other organization, you'll probably be discouraged from taking outside jobs due to conflict of interest.

Best of luck with your career change!

Misty Said:

Final health exam! please help!?

We Answered:

System overload. We get two worthless Yahoo! Answers points for answering one question. If a person works it right, he can parlay that into thirteen worthless Yahoo! Answers points.

You are asking for four essay answers.

Nope. Not going to happen. You have put too much garbage into the disposal.

William Said:

Expelled from steps?

We Answered:

"It seems to me that this one mistake negates all my other accomplishments and bars me from the world of higher education permanently. 3. What can I do to convince admissions that this was mistake is not indicative of my overall character?"

You are mistaken. This disgrace IS indicative of your overall character.

"I have all the qualities of an ideal candidate, but this one looming obstacle is holding me back."

You are mistaken again. You are not an ideal candidate. You cheated and gamed the system. Choices have consequences. You got caught. You will not be able to get back to any reputable university until you complete several years of obvious penance. My guess is that you won't wait — you'll find a way to game the system again and obtain admission to another institution that won't be told about your expulsion...

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