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Anita Said:

How can I earn my final high school math credit as a junior without taking pre-calc in school?

We Answered:

If your school offers Statistics as a course, you could try that instead of pre-calculus. Or, if there is a local community college, you can easily enroll in a math class there instead of at your high school. In order to make sure your school accepts credits from courses taken in a community college, you need to talk to the school administration.

Online classes are also a solution, but they tend to be more expensive than community college (since those are subsidized by the state for high schoolers, or at least in California). You also have a decreased student-teacher interaction with online courses.

Mom teaching you math will most likely not give you any math credit. Your mom can help/tutor you while you take a math class, but, generally, your mom can't teach you math and get credit for it.

Hope this helps!

Eric Said:

Ok, what in the world?

We Answered:

personally i would print off every single email she sent you sent even the ones she did not reply, write down the days you phoned her and time:) then show it to your head at school...seriously that is unproffessional of her.

Ruby Said:

Should I change schools because my boss doesnt like it?

We Answered:

No need to overreact. She may just be expressing genuine concern. It seems her experience with past grads of that school was not positive, so she's letting you know that she has concerns about this school's rep.

My interpretation of this is that she respects you enough to let you know of her concerns.

The thing is, she's not wrong to be concerned. And you're not wrong to want to continue to attend this school.

If it's a school like U Phoenix, its reputation isn't that great out there with employers. It may offer strong classes, and a dedicated student like you will get a lot out of an education there (as you would anywhere), but certain employers may not look on that degree and smile.

So my question to you is, what is the reputation of your school with employers in your region? In other words - is her concern simply based on her own experience, or should you worry?

If the overall rep of the school amongst employers isn't good, then perhaps she's right to be concerned for you.

At the same time, you're halfway through, and you feel that this school is a good fit for you. I can't tell you how important "fit" is in terms of education. If this school is working for you, you're happy there, you feel you're getting a lot out of it, and you know how employers may view this school and are still satisfied, then STAY. Graduate. And feel damn proud of what you've done. But be prepared for the occasional employer who may say, "U Phoenix... hmm...." Explain why it was a good fit for you, and how strong you feel your education was. Other people go to less-known schools and have to do the same thing. Just don't be surprised. If you are qualified, well spoken, and show you had good reasoning for why you picked this school, you'll be able to get past the rep of the school.

But if it is U Phoenix or the like, you should know that some employers will see that diploma on your resume and automatically discount you. Depends on the employer, but do be aware.

Rose Said:

How to graduate with all my courses?

We Answered:


Maria Said:

I need to take a course online to graduate..?

We Answered:

Your time schedule is very tight but it's possible.

Louisiana State University -…
Brigham Young University -…

Both are open admission and have rolling course dates (not semester based). Both also require proctored exams so you need to get started if you're going to finish on time.

Be sure to get the course approved in writing by your college before you spend the time and money. "A verbal agreement is only worth the paper it's written on." and you don't want to have them not accept the course once you're finished.

George Said:

I am taking online classes in texas to graduate at christmas and have a question about math credits?

We Answered:

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