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Kids Math Online Games

Hazel Said:

My Parents Won't Let Me Play Online?

We Answered:

I heard about that on Kotaku.

The kid ran away because they took away his Xbox.

Just tell your parents that they took away his Xbox, not his's totally different :)

But jokes aside, you should listen to them...they should know what's best. And like other's have said, you should be allowed to play again in due time. You're a smart kid too...keep it up!


Erik Said:

How can I get good marks in school ?

We Answered:

* time management

these r few you must be hearing from everyone.
that manage your time and make rules and blah! blah!

but the actual thing lies in your target and your spirit to achieve your goals.
if you are all set and your dreams are ready to take a start, then all you need is the excitement to study.
sounds strange?
but yes, u need a litte excitement and be honest to your work
then only you will live your dreams open eyes!

Holly Said:

which is the best site to get dektop or laptop games, like car racing, strategy etc, for free?

We Answered:

1001 Online Games
123 Games
Action Flash
Addictive Flash
Addictive Gamez
All Free Online Games
All Games Free
Arcade Bliss
Arcade Muffin
Arcade Online
Arcade Street
Arcade Town
Armor Games Online Games
Browser Arcade
Flash Games
Flash Games 247
Flash Game Junkie
Free Flash Games
Free Game Sites
Free Web Games
Free World Group
Funny Car Pictures
Game Gecko
Game Sloth
Game Squared
Games Craze
Games Handbook
Game Slick
GAMICS - GameComics
Gaming Top 200
Groovy Java
Heavy Games
Hype Games
Infinite Fun
Insane Games
Jarkey Games
Just Free Games
Legit Games
Lifetime Gamer
My Daily Buzz
Net Games
Noodan Free Games
Online Games HQ
Player Plaza
PlayStation 3 Insiders
Share Games
Top 100 Game Sites
Top Fun Games
Top Mud Sites
Top Spin Games
uGoto Games
Unlimited Games
Unlimited Web Games
Vampirosiames Games
Venus Arcade
Vx4 Flash Games
YoGames Online Games

Martha Said:

Fun educational activities for 7th graders?

We Answered:

I'm no teacher or anything but I do have a little brother (he's in gr. 3) and I sometimes make him study because I want him to do well. If I were you I would sit right next to him while he's doing the work sheet and encourage him or congratulate him when he gets a question right. Make sure when he's doing the questions, you're watching him closely if he's struggling with a particular question you can give him hints and let him think about it. Studying is not boring once a student grasp the concept. You shouldn't let him play computer games because that's time wasted and the whole point of tutoring is studying and bringing marks up. While he's studying or learning you have to do that with him. (like doing a math problem together, you telling him the steps then he tries to do the question. Or you can show him examples then tell him to follow the example and do it) Personally I've always hated educational activities (for example: french class, every year I would have a teacher that forces us to play these french games where we're in groups and read articles and stuff and then rotate). OMG, it was torture soo happy I've finished with all those years of french! I'm not sure about him because everyone' s different and learn differently. I think in order to achieve results is if you make him care about school. You can do that by making him feel confident by making him feel smart like don't give him really hard questions start from something easy and work your way up that way his confidence can build up and try to find out what it is he's struggling with like what area of the subject. As long as you can bring his marks up in the long run, i doubt he'll hate you.

Dan Said:

I'd like to take Online courses for college credits, who is most reputable? (also a two part question)?

We Answered:

Petersens Guide To Online Schools is available at most libraries. It lists the accredidations and the point of contact. Pursue schools like well known state colleges and universities. Many manufacturer companies have thier own on line certifications such as IBM, Microsoft, Apple, ect... Take your time check out trnsferable creditd from one institution to another. Most staes have thier own Department Of Education and can assist you from picking an online school to paying for courses.

Carl Said:

What is the best/most fun online curriculum or game for teaching 4th through 7th grade math?

We Answered:

try this! if i find more i'll let ya know!
kids/mw/egames/ega_4.html" rel="nofollow">………

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The various math games available online are good source to improvise the analytic and logical skills of children. I see that there are plenty of offerings online and the kids have to choose the best one that satisfies their needs. Thank you.

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Yes maths is the most important and basic subject for all subjects. If your kids are more talented in maths don’t worry they will all competitive exams. So math online game study is definitely useful for kids to improve their knowledge. I am so happy by reading this article. Definitely I will involve my child in this activities. My want to teach my child about this by that she able to score good in exams.