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Learning Math Software

Marion Said:

What's a good free software or website for learning basic math skills?

We Answered:


Try this webs site for software, some are free, some require a nominal fee.…
Try this webs site for many board games, these are a little pricy but well worth it.…

Eddie Said:

Best math learning software?

We Answered:

You are in luck.

If you have Word 2007, Microsoft was kind enough to develop a free patch for mathematics. It solves rather complex integrals, plots multiple equations in two and three demensions, inequalities, and pretty much anything else you can throw at it.

The site is here:…

Hands down my favorite math software (I like to teach myself, so say what you will)

Laurie Said:

any good math learning software?

We Answered:

It did help me quite a bit, but I guess it depends on each person and what math topic you are trying to learn: Some good software I found was Bagatrix's Solved! software series: and also Texas Instrument's nSpire CAS Student software, which is pretty much just an nSpire CAS calculator virtualizer, but if you are creative you will learn a lot from it:…

Update: Bagatrix offers precalculus, calculus software and many different levels of algebra, if you like you can take a look at their website for a program which suits your needs. As for the nSPire CAS, well it is pretty much universal, it can calculate very basic stuff to more advanced stuff like calculus, differential equations, linear algebra, etc). Hope that helps.

Kimberly Said:

Math Learning Software - Can You Recommend an Advanced Website for Math Software Downloads?

We Answered:

Try the Visual Math series -- It's a great collection of software for Calculus, Algebra, Geometry, Probability, Statistics & Data Visualization. You should find them useful in your study of advanced math.

Barry Said:

im trying to install Comton's learning software for math and my spyware doctor blocks it how can i fix that?

We Answered:

enter Comton's learning software in the allow list on spyware doctor. good luck.

Gertrude Said:

Whats the best software to learn math with?

We Answered:

Dont waste your time. Redundancy, study, repetition and memorization wont help you. Practice wont even help. Illustrating practical application wont help either... they only prove usefulness. Cracking open that textbook you were given have lessons laid out specifically for you. The best thing you can do is have one on one interactive conversation/lecture... dont even waste time and focus taking notes that could be put to listening and thinking about what the teacher has to say. Learn conceptually... thats all there is to it.

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