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Math Software

Stella Said:

math software?

We Answered:

There's a difference between mathematical software and tutorial software. Mathematical software includes stuff like Maple, Matlab and Mathematica. Tutorial software includes stuff to help you figure out mathematical ideas by giving you problems, concepts, etc.

Shannon Said:

what is a good math software that can help me with my math?

We Answered:

mathcad is the best for superior calculations...

micosoft math has a good UI, but i have gone over to mathcad now , my school work has become slighly harder, and there are some calculations that MS math is not able to calculate.

Don Said:

Math software?

We Answered:

Aleks is pretty good software.

Jackie Said:

Math Software?

We Answered:

Yes, maple and mathematica do have these capabilities. Similarly, I have personal experience with the program MATLAB, and would recommend it.

Danny Said:

Where can i download a free math software to boost my mathematical skills?

We Answered:

Mathematics is the result of systematic investigations. Not to make light of your question, but throw away your computer and buy a pencil and a copy of "Creative Mathematics" by H.S. Wall. Working through this little book will make you a good mathematician.

Bernard Said:

What is a great elementary math software curriculum for homeschooled daughter?

We Answered:

Try these:

(the "z" instead of "s" drives me nuts!)

These two are sites, but not "just fun" sites:

Cosmeo has NutShell math which is awesome! It makes the subscription price ($9.99/mo or $99/yr) worth it alone. Plus, they have on-demand video from series like the Standard Deviants (my son learns a ton from there!) and other educational videos. The entire Cosmeo site is awesome for visual learners! (I'm one of them!)

(They have a free, one-month trial.)

Someone suggested Aleks and I second that one.

Teaching Textbooks is rolling out their lower grades this year. We're doing Algebra and it's GREAT! I hear the lower levels (Pre-Alg, Math 7) are even more fun! Some is done via the CD-roms, some in a workbook, so you get a good mix of learning styles - especially still practice with pencil and paper, not just the pc (where my son would rather do all of his work). You can view sample lectures, problems, and pages at the TT site:

(The levels don't necessarily match with the grade - i.e., I know many 3rd/4th graders doing Math 7. You'd just need to give the placement tests.)

You could also look into AOP's Switched on Schoolhouse program. You didn't list a grade level, but I assume she's at least 3rd, which is where SOS starts. I'm personally not impressed with SOS, but many people like them.

My favorite math program for K-5 is K12, which is what we use as our base curriculum.


Debra Said:

Need a math software program that solves problems with details,and gives answers at the end?

We Answered:

...if you were a grader or a math teacher, you could buy another teacher's edition and the school would pay for it, and even if the school wouldn't pay for it, it would be just as expensive to buy a new textbook than to buy a fantasy software that can solve anything and give every detail to why it is so.
Besides, there's no such thing.

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