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Math Tutor Software

Joyce Said:

download free math tutoring program/software?

We Answered:

is a personal teaching assistant that enables you to create custom Qamp;A quizzes to memorize vocabulary, science knowledge, history or any other topic that you want to be tested on. The program supports simple question/answer quizzes, as well as more complex multiple choice or Yes/No tests. You can also attach images and sound files to a question, record questions via microphone, assign labels and add remarks. Other features include support for phonetic symbols, import/export of lists, multi-line questions and answers, rich formatting, export to HTML (for online quizzes), foreign symbols, statistics and more.

Glen Said:

How do I find jobs in private or public education in Sacramento California area using continuous improvement?

We Answered:

Obviously you won't find jobs for continuous improvement in the public sector. They are not interested in that, unless you are improving they way they can take our money.

Teresa Said:

Does ANYONE know of some math software programs or websites that SOLVE ALL MATH EQUATIONS????!!!!?

We Answered:

Maple is a amazing mathematical software. You can do the basic to extrememly complicated things. The only problems is that you'll have to learn the commands and it costs £100 to buy. Its more avanced than college algebra, more university+

Website wise… has lots of calculation solvers. There are lots of other sites aswell, use google, yahoo etc to find them… as some but not as near as advanced as the 1st site.

A much needed advice: Use these "shortcuts" only to check your answer. You need to understand how to do calculations first. Once you understand fully and just need it for an answer and no working outs then feel free to use them.

Daisy Said:

Whats the Best online or software that will help with Algebra and higher?

We Answered:


Lloyd Said:

Math Tutoring or website for a 9th grader?

We Answered:…

great website. From basic math to calculus

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