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Online Degree Completion Programs

Marion Said:

Troy University - online degree--what to do when they don't send your diploma, return calls, & refuse to compl

We Answered:

They are accredited by the Southern Association. Why not write a letter complaining to the accrediting association and send a copy to the president of Troy. That ought to get some action.

Mattie Said:

What are some colleges with online programs that also have actual physical campuses?

We Answered:

There are many online programs that are offered from an actual College Campus. Although i dont know what type of program your looking to pursue, I can suggest a coupl that I have taken courses with.
The University Of Maryland University College (Maryland) is an excellent online College. They allowed me to transfer in my entire associates degree and they offer many online specific programs. The great part: The college is part of the University of Maryland (quite reputable). The College is also Accredited by one of the countries top College "Recognizers".

Another that is great is SUNY Empire State College (Saratoga Springs, NY) This college specializes in all types of education with online courses and independent guided study. Since the College is a part of the New York State SUNY program, the degrees are fully accredited and the tuition is very affordable: even for out of state students!
Basically, most institutions who offer online degrees have an actual campus. One thing I found when searching for an online college that has a campus is that they offer student loans and financial many campuses do whereas online colleges w/o these ask for a credit card form of payment for your tuition...If you can get the aid and loans...go for them rather than racking all the charges up on a credit card from a college that may not even be accredited.

Good luck in your on-line academic search!

Elmer Said:

What online schools offer an accredited Bachelor Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management?

We Answered:

I just did a web search and came up with a whole page of schools that offer this degree:…

Online schools are not cheap. For the most part, they are private, and charge the same rates as a traditional private school. However, almost all colleges offer some types of Distance Learning or Extension Degree programs online now. A couple that were listed on this site were state schools--Univ. of Mass., and Univ. of Delaware. Contact your state college or university or look on their website and see what they have to offer. Can't hurt to look.

Gene Said:

What "brick and mortar" colleges offer online degree completion courses?

We Answered:

Try: U Maryland, Penn State, U Florida, Florida State, UMass Dartmouth, Northeastern U, Pace U, Southern New Hampshire U, Tiffin U, Regis University, U Scranton, Creighton U, Drexel, Iowa State U, U Nebraska, U Denver.

All offer online degrees. You'll need to check which offer psych.

UMass Online *does* offer a bachelors in psych, out of UMass Lowell:…

Judith Said:

I have over 100 credits in a Biology degree program, anyone know of any online bio degree completion programs?

We Answered:

There are four that are ideally suited for your situation:

Excelsior College (, NY
Thomas Edison State College (; NJ
Charter Oak State College (; Ct.
Athabasca University (; Canada

Each of these is very generous with transfer credit from accredited schools and each is regionally accredited themselves.

Their original model was to serve exactly the purpose of consolidating past coursework from a variety of colleges into a single transcript and degree.

Jonathan Said:

What are some colleges that offer online bachelor degrees?

We Answered:

Don't listen to other poster--Phoenix is just the same as DeVry etc. Aaanyway. Here's a list:… The good ones are kind of mixed in with the note so good ones. But I've listed the good ones here--best ones are marked with a *

*Northwestern U
Arizona State
*Boston U
*UNC Chapel Hill
*USC Rossier
*Sacred Heart
*George Washington U
UC Irvine
U Florida
U Illinois at Chicago
Boise State
Bowling Green State
U Georgia
Cal State Northridge
Southern New Hampshire
Cal State Monterey Bay
Indiana State
New England
Loyola New Orleans
Ohio U
Oregon State
Philadelphia U

Paul Said:

Is Penn State Online "Degree Completion"?

We Answered: - it provides info about this school, tips to apply and its scholarships.

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Online Degree Completion Programs

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