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Online Degree Programs Accredited

Jessie Said:

Will a fully accredited online Masters degree be enough to find a community college teaching position?

We Answered:

I am going to be quite honest with you.

There is very little chance that you will ever be hired to teach at a community college with an online degree.

Academia still looks askance at degrees (especially graduate degrees) that are not earned in residence, while being closely supervised by noted scholars in your field of study.

I realize that GGU is WASC accredited, but honestly, at the graduate level, mere accreditation is meaningless. Reputation of one's program (in terms of scholarly rigor) means everything.

If you wish to teach finance, your work experience in finance will serve you well, given community college hiring practices in that area. There is currently a high demand for finance professors, and substantial work experience is highly valued in this field. However, you should also hold a degree in finance that is earned in residence through a highly reputable department.

As to industrial psychology, even if your work experience is in this field, you will need at least an MA in psychology to teach this at the community college level. Many of your competitors will hold the PhD, so if you do not, your work experience in this area should be substantial.

I wish you success.

Eva Said:

What State Universities/Accredited Colleges offer Online Graduate Degree Programs???

We Answered:

May be this site can help you

Gene Said:

Does anyone know a good, accredited, online degree or certificate program for journalism?

We Answered:

Free Open University has the best journalism program and it is completely free. Free Open University bachelors degree required almost 4,000 pages of writing and even more reading. Students check each others essays and even challenge each other.

It is a difficult program but it is Free.

Deborah Said:

Can anyone recommend some accredited universitys that offer online degree programs in IT?

We Answered:

In my opinion to approach online colleges the same way you would approach any school decision and look at a number of schools to determine the right fit for you. I would do a search for accredited online information technology degree programs and contact a bunch of the schools you find to see which is the best fit for you. Here is the first site that popped up for me:

Margie Said:

Does anyone know of an accredited online college or degree program for a BS in Zooloy,Biology, or Realated?

We Answered:

You should check out
it is a good website where you can find a university base on your major and other data. But if you are willing to make more money after graduating you should rather take classes "in a classroom" because employers know that there is a great poosibility you cheated for online tests and also that those degrees are not very convincing.

Good luck and its an excellent choice of degree

Jeffery Said:

I'm thinking about getting my Masters online, what are the best ONLINE Degree programs out there (accredited)?

We Answered:

There are many universities. You may want to examine your goal and see the various programs. Often programs have field accreditation in addition to the university's accreditation.

I am attending Capella University for my PhD and have had a great experience. Nova Southeastern University is a leader in distance education although we do not hear of them much.

Do not just go by the schools that you hear of the most. There are many out there that are very reputable that do not need to market themselves. Also check the Dept of Education, Better Business Bureau, and the proper regional accrediting for more information on your school of choice.

Greatest Luck!

Ashley Said:

Any recommendations for accredited online masters degrees programs?

We Answered:

There are no fully online Master's programs in social work that are accredited by CSWE. There are a growing number of distance education programs that have major portions of them online. These programs are limited to specific geographic areas because of the field practicum issues (though Smith College has a program that you can do where ever you live but you have to do summers at the college.

For social work at this time I would go to ( look up accredited MSW programs in your state and then go to their website and see what their distance programs and/or part time programs are like (you can also look at neighboring states).

The three areas you are interested in are very different. You probably want to get clarity on what profession you are most interested in.


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Online Degree Programs Accredited

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