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Online Engineering Degree Bachelors

Victoria Said:

are online degrees taken seriously? and is there one that has a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering?

We Answered:

If calculus was a breeze you may think about a comp sci, or math, or computer engineering degree (yes they can be done online).

It is better if you can attend classes but if you can't online degrees are fine - provided thay are from reliable schools. I recommend Empire college:…

and Park

Other reliable ones out there as well - these are the two I know of however. Do not go to Kaplan, Phoenix, Westwood or their like. Accredited - yes - but expensive and with a poor reputation.


Victoria Said:

Where is a good school to earn an ONLINE bachelors degree in Civil Engineering?

We Answered:

There is only one ABET-accredited online degree in Civil Engineering in the USA. It is offered by University of North Dakota. Study requires short-term trips to Grand Forks, ND, for labs and seminars.

Ralph Said:

Can I get a Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering online?

We Answered:

Surprisingly, there is an ABET-accredited degree in Civil Engineering, offered by the University of North Dakota.

Stanley Said:

where can i get a bachelors degree in aerospace engineering online?

We Answered:

I can't imagine that anything so hands-on would be able to be taught reasonably online.

Dianne Said:

What is the best website for online bachelor engineering degree?

We Answered:

lol there is no such bs as online degree. Maybe something called technology engineering. that isnt engineering. Its a technician work.

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Online Engineering Degree Bachelors

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