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Online Graduate Counselling Degree

Tim Said:

Graduate Degree in Marriage and Family Counseling ?

We Answered:

i starred your question and was hoping for an answer too....i want to be a therapist too. i'm going to go to my local school's undergrad psychology department to find out the pre-requistes. it doesn't matter where you go, just get the degree. the experience. continue to show empathy and develop good patient rapport and you'll do fine.

Ethel Said:

Question about Graduate School?

We Answered:

Interesting question, I suspect that you are sincere, so I will do my best to assist, although YA may not be your best place to float these ideas about your future.
Healthcare Administration as a career should probably require a graduate degree in psychology, especially for dealing with all the idiots(myself included) in the health care field. That being said, there are two degrees which come to mind for Health Administration which are the result of graduate programs which you would potentially qualify for with a bachelors degree. MPH is a masters in public health, which could be taken with an emphasis in administration. The other of course is the ubiquitous MBA, which could be utilized as a degree for health administration.
My suggestion would be to take classes on a distance learning program, rather than the night school approach, because those distance learning programs are accepted as the same as in house attendance programs from those universities which offer them, and are much superior to the night school type programs offered online. Good luck.

Nelson Said:

I want to get my master's degree in IT at an online school? What school and/or program, do you suggest?

We Answered:

Here is what I am concerned about that I am sure will make it difficult for you to find a job.
Your undergraduate degree is not related to the IT career field. If you did attend an online graduate program, you will have practicaly no hands-on experience with computers and networks, except for maybe your own personal computer at home. When you are competing for jobs with others who have IT graduate degrees from schools that required attendance and have the practical hands-on experience with different types of computers and networks, guess who will get hired first?

When I was studying Information Systems and Computer Programming, about half of the time I spent at school was in the computer labs getting very important hands-on experience with different types of equipment. Being familiar with equipment that is being used by businesses will help you get hired much quicker.

Even when I was studying engineering, my labs allowed me to become familiar with and use expensive equipment that I would never have access to by studying online.

When I obtained my second college degree, I did it attending school part-time while working full-time. You can do this also.

You expressed an interest in computer forensics. Why not study to get certified as a CHFI (Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator)?…

Lena Said:

Get a job with online psychology degree?

We Answered:

I don't know; I'm a psych professor and we tend to be very skeptical of online degrees. A lot of online programs don't give you real training or advising. I think it's a safer bet to get a traditional degree.

Marshall Said:

Online degree in Counseling what the best college?

We Answered:

This site has some good information on online counseling degree programs and the colleges that offer them:
studies-degree-programs.aspx" rel="nofollow">…

I'd recommend contacting a number of colleges to find the best fit for you and your needs.
Good Luck!

Dan Said:

Christian Counseling Degree, Details Please?

We Answered:

arent you a litle young to be afraid of death?

just turn to christianity when your like 60 or something, if your still scare

actually the reason am a atheist is because i have been face with death, and am not afraid of it anymore,

i honestly dont mean to offend you, i m not a bad person because i am a atheist, i respect your beleives and woudent try to change them

be safe

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Graduate Degree in Marriage and Family Counseling is an excellent degree, with lots of employment options. Highly recommended!

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