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Online Math Help Algebra

Phillip Said:

Where can I find a free online math tutor?

We Answered:

- Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 notes in step by step PowerPoint form, the same notes shown in class everyday {the notes are in read-only format, just click "read-only" when prompted}

- Since they are in a step by step style, you can control the speed and topic

- Also, a number of questions, with answers, on a variety of Algebra topics

Ruby Said:

online math scavenger hunt, algebra extra credit,,,help!!!?

We Answered:

1. -67
2. 4
4. 10
5. 1

there ya go..

Neil Said:

were do i get help for my math homework online for algebra connections california edition?

We Answered:

I have got some good step by step help on my algebra homework - Here there is nearly 400 algebra solutions with step by step explanations for free.


Jerome Said:

Can I catch up with online math?

We Answered:

You might be able to. I think that it might be a little late into summer break to start a class like algebra 1. You could go to the high school and talk to the guidance counselors about it, there should be someone there during the summer. If not, take algebra 1 in 9th grade and then take geometry online next summer.

Alberto Said:

Does anyone know where to find an online math tutor for university level?

We Answered:

There are experts there and it's all subjects


Melissa Said:

Online math tutoring?

We Answered:

Do exactly what you just did, but post an actual problem you are having trouble with.

Leslie Said:

Online math help! Pre-Algebra! Please Help!?

We Answered:

5.) That's right because 5n=x. Since you have 18 nickels you have to substitute it back into the equation. 5(18)=x
12.) Okay, since you are finding the area, you have to square 6. Area is the length times the width. A square's side are all equal, so the length is 6, and the width is 6. So the area is equal to 6x6 or 36.

24.) Absolute values are ALWAYS positive. So the absolute value of 16 is 16.

26.) Okay, when you put a - sign in front of a number, you are multiplying by -1 (or taking the opposite of the number). Since c=-1 and you have to find the negative of -1 (or opposite) the answer is -1x-1 which equals 1. Take the opposite of -1 which is positive 1.

27.) Absolute values are ALWAYS postive, so the absolute value of -1 is 1.

30.) Okay, when you subract a negative, you are really adding. Take the opposite of negative 8 and you get positive 8. So the equation is really 6 + 8 which equals 14.

40.) Subtract 20 - (-3). ince you are subtracting a negative, you are really adding. It is really 20 + 3 which equals 23.

41.) Correct

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