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Online Rn, Msn Programs

Helen Said:

PTA or RN? Help me decide!?

We Answered:

You are definitely right. Nursing has so many more opportunities than a PTA. Have you looked in to resp therapy. 2 year degree (usually not a waiting list) much growth opportunity.

No you can not start an MSN online if you want to go on to NP or CRNA

Carmen Said:

University of phoeix RN-MSN online program?

We Answered:

She will have no trouble getting a job with only the ADN. Although some employers might say "BSN preferred" in their job listings, she should always apply - the worst they can do is not interview her. When I graduated with my ADN I applied for jobs that said BSN preferred, and got three job offers from them.

As for U of Phoenix, I'd totally stay away. It is a for-profit school (which means your tuition will be about twice to three times as much as a regular university), and most employers do not have a favorable view of this school. It's not really that it's a "bad" school, but it does not hold the same valued reputation as a regular college or university.

If she wants to go on to complete her masters, she should look into local, public state colleges and universities in her area. Most masters level programs are mostly offered online anyway (if that was one of her reasons for wanting U of Phoenix) and are relatively flexible. It will be more convenient having faculty close by, yshe would have more personal relationships with the people in the program, and she will save herself thousands of dollars in the process.

Lewis Said:

Should I do RN to MSN online?

We Answered:

I did RN to BSN online and LOVED it. I wish I had looked into RN to MSN programs but wasn't really sure what I wanted to focus my MSN on. Once you're already a licensed RN, there aren't really more "skills" you need to learn which require you to be in a classroom. Any clinical skills you need are learned through a clinical preceptorship, one to one learning. The theory components, discussions, and written work are submitted online. It's a very flexible format for someone who isn't a procrastinator and can learn independently. Good luck.

Brent Said:

What's a good career move for an RN (7 years, no management experience, MBA/MSN) outside of being a HeadNurse?

We Answered:

Well, you may want to consider working in a rehab facility, since you're into ortho and geriatrics. Much less stress than working withthe acutely ill. With your advanced degrees, you can also work in administration, or as a teacher. You're right. The ideal job has to be out there. I'm still stressing away in my own ER. Good luck!

Catherine Said:

Has anyone done Walden Universities online RN-MSN program?

We Answered: - it provides info about this school, tips to apply and its scholarships.

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Online Rn, Msn Programs

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