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Psychology Online Programs

Allen Said:

Are there any online Masters programs in School Psychology accredited by NASP?

We Answered:

As I know, this site has top listing of such college courses online -

Jared Said:

Are there any online programs in psychology that are accredited by the America Psychology Association?

We Answered:

The only program which is APA approved which has an online component is the Fielding Graduate University. As you probably already know, Ashford and Phoenix are not APA approved.

Mattie Said:

Psychology PDH Online Programs?

We Answered:

Before getting into an online psychology degree program make sure that it is nationally accredited by the APA. If it is not, the degree basically means nothing.

Adam Said:

Who has the best online psychology program?

We Answered:

This site has some good information on accredited online bachelors degrees in psychology and some colleges for you to consider:…
I have heard that Argosy is one of the best around. But I would recommend contacting all of the schools to find the best fit for you and your needs. I have found that many sites listing tuition information are inaccurate so it is far more beneficial to ask the schools directly. Good luck!

Vickie Said:

Psychology PHD Online Programs?

We Answered:

There are NONE that are APA-approved.

If you plan on getting a degree in psychology, you would be wasting a great deal of time and money doing it online, because it will be worthless to you when you go to get licensed (i.e, you cannot practice psychology without a license, and you will not be granted a license to practice with an online degree).

Sorry to be the bearer of ill news,
~Dr. B.~

Discuss It! said:

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Conference Vegas said:

Before getting into an online psychology degree program make sure that it is nationally accredited by the APA. If it is not, the degree basically means nothing.

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has an online component is the Fielding Graduate University

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