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Boarding Middle School

Henry Said:

Is there any boarding schools for middle schoolers?

We Answered:

Check this site out

Mary Said:

Where is a beautiful boarding school for middle school students?

We Answered:

I'll give you a website for boarding school's in a but. However, let me clear up a HUGE misconception you have there.

Zoey 101's Pacific Coast school does not exist in this world. They don't study much there, and they have facilities of royalty and their campus is like a beach resort.

No educational institution is going to match it, and you're going to be grieviously disappointed if you go to a boarding school looking for those standards.

You see, many of the excellent top boarding schools have luscious gorgeous grounds and facilities (but even then, they're not sunny beach resorts). Those that have the huge grounds tend to be in vast open country whereby you won't find that kind of ocean etc.

Plus, top boarding schools work you very very hard. They make sure you do well, and they are strict on rules- they do after all have a standard to uphold. Hence, the student life you'll have there is nothing like what Zoey has.

One more thing. They all have very high fees, so you must be willing to pay. Also, Zoey101 never shows the downsides- like homesickness and the fact that there are kids who get really miserable there. It's either that you LOVE boarding school, or that you're miserable like hell.

Oh and one laassst thing. Not many boarding schools take students at too young an age. Many of them admit a year before high school or smth.

Just take note of all this when applying. Here's the website as I promised:

Tracy Said:

Is it possible to go to boarding school if you are middle class?

We Answered:

Yes - definitely. We have known several applicants that have gotten 50-100% tuition paid for by boarding school financial aid. Does not have to be for pure academic reasons either (i.e. you don't need all A's, or a super high SSAT score), but they will want to see that:
a) you can do the work (i.e. pretty good grades/scores)
b) that you have good teacher recommendations (work hard, respectful)
c) that you will flourish in a boarding school setting (open, well-balanced)
d) that there's a family need. (part of the SSS application process)
Best of luck!

Rafael Said:

Im in Middle School how can i get scholarships to boarding schools?

We Answered:

I'm assuming that you mean, how do you position yourself to get financial aid when you go to high school?

Remember, most boarding schools no longer give "merit" awards. They just try to find a great student, someone who will do well in their school - academically, sports too - but also someone who knows how to get along well with others, who is enthusiastic and engaged - who knows how to ask a teacher for help when he needs it.

Financial aid is available, and my daughter is applying also this year. She found a blog that we've found helpful on this topic.

Another strategy, mentioned in the blog, that we did: go to summer school at one of the boarding schools - it will help you decide if you like that sort of environment, and if you apply yourself and do well over the summer, it could take away one area of doubt from the admissions officers.

Good luck

Crystal Said:

best boarding middle school?

We Answered:

They have the best facilities and a renowned reputation. You can get financial aid if necessary. Bush went there, as well as several other presidents.

Stacey Said:

Any good boarding middle school in Boston? Any information?

We Answered:

Here is a list of junior boarding schools:…

There are some in MA, none in Boston, most do not have high school. Often boarding schools for younger than high school age are for special issues or kids with behavioral problems.

Stoneleigh-Burnham is an all girls school in MA that has middle and high school.

Boarding Schools:

Good luck!

Florence Said:

Is there a boarding school out there for people in the middle class?

We Answered:

There will always be scholarship programs and financial aid plans for you. If you really want to go to a boarding school, you will find a way. Certainly fees are higher than in a state day school but to say a boarding school is the choice of only wealthy families has no basis in fact.

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