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University Of Maryland Online

Gordon Said:

I am planning to get my B.A in Journalism from an online university? What do you think?

We Answered:

I think you should look at the job market you plan to work in, and ask if they accept the college degree. It would stink to waste the time and money, then find no company will hire you.

Patricia Said:

How to get the most credible BA degree online?

We Answered:

Well can't tell you in specific as some university may good in other reference that to the other. So it would not be genuine that one picks single online college. But yes can refer you the place where you can find the top online colleges that offer most of the online courses. just feed in the degree or course you are interested in the list of colleges will appear that offer that specific course. All the colleges listed here are accredited regionally or nationally from reputed organizations. So do choose the colleges that seems best to you in all aspects.

Best of luck.

Ivan Said:

Teaching english in Japan with an online degree?

We Answered:

It seems fine, as long as you have a certificate and that to prove your degree, it shouldn't be a problem. They just need graduates because of VISA issues, so even an online degree should be fine.

Sharon Said:

University of Maryland Online Classes?

We Answered:

I have not but it is a traditional university so it should be fine to take online classes from that school.

Please steer clear of those online, for-profit schools such as penn foster, capella, strayer, devry, university of phoenix, kaplan and others: and can type into search.

US colleges:

Bob Said:

What computer Science dept. is better Morgan State University or University of Maryland UC?

We Answered:

It depends on your learning style. I would suggest you contact both institutions and ask about their teaching methods.

Corey Said:

I was attending University of pheonix (axia) online and they never got around to my financial aide?

We Answered:

If you had already completed the FAFSA prior to attending UOP the school may be able to request a "late disbursement" of your aid to cover the tuition costs. Talk to the financial aid office.

No, they cannot transfer your balance to the other school.

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