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Kids Online Educational Games

Dora Said:

Any good Kid friendly online game sites? Non educational I have found enough of those?

We Answered: is a great site. It has everything that you are looking for. Educational and fun. My nephews love it!

Andre Said:

Do you know any Educational Games for kids? Mind Building games? IQ Building games?

We Answered:

Try It's got games for kids from pre-kindergarten to grade 6.

Chad Said:

What website has free online educational games for kids?

We Answered:

here you have a place with many links to those sites:…
The BBC also have great games and as well.

Mabel Said:

Educational online games??

We Answered:

It is not an online game, but it is a reasonably priced computer game for kids.

The product is called JumpStart. I used it when I was younger, and I absolutely loved it! The product has different computer games for all ages and for all grade levels.

You can see a few on this site:…

You can read a review by the Associated Press here:…

I would highly recommend these games. I believe they could really help your daughter have fun while learning new things! I hope she enjoys them as much as I did.

Gail Said:

Online Games I can play with my kids?

We Answered:

Yes you can play online multiplayer games, But i don't think that there are too many such educational games available. Have a look at this site may be you can find any such game there.

Jill Said:

Where can I find high-quality online games for my kids?

We Answered:

Lots of sites out there with appropriate games for kids.

Educational games:

Funner games:

Good luck

Sergio Said:

What are some free, preferably educational online games for kids? (5-8 years old)?

We Answered: is the best because it is not blocked by many school and work filters and has a great selection of games. Now Plus you can play Runescape, Hell of Sand, and many more that will entertain you for hours.

I have 5 little siblings and for some reason they love hell of sand, you have to show them how to play though, any way, they will sit there and play it for hours, and you don't even have to watch them!!

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I think you need is to search in Google in order to get the kids free online gaming sites and I have found few of them and I would like to share few of the links which I got from there. It includes user friendly kids games.

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Runescape, Hell of Sand, and many more that will entertain you for hours.

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These games will improve memory levels in children. And It may also help in building foundation math and language skills. Now a days it is an effective way of learning.

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Youngsters figure out how to utilize video and computer recreations at an early age, and folks can exploit this by acquainting their youth with some online instructive diversions. Children will learn without actually acknowledging it on the grounds that they think utilizing the machine is fun.

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