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Early Education Teaching

Bradley Said:

Is Early Child Development an education/teaching program or just watching kids like day-care?

We Answered:

Great question. Unfortunately, child care facilities can get away with using just about any language they like. For instance, a facility may refer to itself as a preschool, a learning center, an early childhood development center, an enrichment facility, etc. No authority is going to stop them or claim that they don't meet the requirements to use that designation.

Make no mistake: many facilities that are strictly day-care will use more impressive terms to describe themselves. And so there is no substitute for thoroughly investigating a facility's program. Ask to see their curriculum guide, their lesson plans. When you visit, ask to match up the day's lesson plans with what is actually going on in the classes. Be in control of the process, and don't accept fancy language for anything more than that.

Theresa Said:

My guestion is about Early childhood and education and teaching. How is the job market for this major?

We Answered:

With an Associates in Early Childhood, you might be able to secure a position as a paraprofessional in a preschool special education classroom - huge need in the public schools.

Overall , the field will be in need of more Early Childhood teachers with more federal money being pumped in Head Start and individual state initiatives to provide free preschool to all children.

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Education in the life of the individuals works as the central processing unit. Just as the computer cannot run without the CPU just like that the life cannot survive and live well without the education too in the life.

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